WTS-LA 2012 Employer of the Year Award

Employer of the Year

On November 8, 2012 industry leaders and colleagues celebrated BergCM’s acceptance of WTS’s Employer of the Year 2012 award at the 26th annual Scholarship and Awards dinner in the beautiful ambiance of Union Station’s Main Concourse Ballroom. Women’s Transportation Seminar, known as WTS, is a leading international transportation organization with the purpose of supporting the advancement of women in the industry and also provides mentorship to young women pursuing transportation careers. The winning nomination highlighted BergCM’s achievements from its past 30- plus years as a Construction Management employer who demonstrably cares for their staff in generous, compassionate and inspiring ways. On receiving this prestigious award, CEO Deborah Berg reflected, “We are truly honored to receive this award from our peers that showcases exactly what we are about at BergCM… helping individuals achieve their potential knowing that is what ultimately makes the company successful.” A portion of the nomination is shared below best describes why Berg & Associates was chosen by WTS to receive this most cherished award. “Berg & Associates Construction Management was established in 1980 to provide resident engineering and inspection services to public works agencies at a time when women were a rare breed in the industry, particularly in the seat of CEO. Deborah Berg was inspired to methodically build a small but mighty company of overachievers because being a woman owned business, only stellar people would get our foot in the Client’s door. Throughout the years Berg & Associates has carefully selected each staff member based on accreditation, commitment to a high work ethic, and a talent for ‘making it work’. Although attitudes have modernized to be more embracing of women in the field, BergCM still maintains its rigid standards for selecting employees and as a result prides itself on the quality of personnel it has to offer. BergCM possesses a long list of satisfied clients such as the Port of Los Angeles, Port of Long Beach, the Alameda Corridor Transportation Authority, Metrolink, the Los Angeles Neighborhood Initiative, Caltrans, Los Angeles World Airports, in addition to Cities and Counties throughout California. Awards for many past projects are displayed prominently in the lobby of our corporate office and are a testament to the high caliber of services that our staff delivers on a daily basis. Berg & Associates has proudly maintained a rich balance of ethnicities and women in all positions that serve the company. 50% of executive and managerial staff are women and provide excellent female role models within our organization, especially to the new engineers joining us for employment. Our women in management set high precedents by exhibiting strong leadership skills which promotes a positive impression of women in construction to the people they interact with on their projects. BergCM strives to hire locally for staffing projects and promotes the use of public transportation by supplementing staff 1 income to cover all bus and train costs to work. The staff attitude remains fresh, inspired and dedicated to a high level of achievement because our accomplishments are noticed and rewarded with the recognition of internal promotions and the sincerest, most enthusiastic internal praise. This is the beauty of the small company and is precisely why Deborah Berg wanted to fill the construction management needs with a ‘small but mighty’ team. CEO Deborah Berg is enthusiastically supportive and encouraging to all levels of staff towards furthering their education in the industry and established a policy that continuing education pursued in construction management will be sponsored by the company. It is the prominence placed on education and dedication to remain cutting edge that brings a high level of expertise to our services. Berg & Associates takes internship a step further than on the job training, such as hiring engineering graduates and investing the time to fully sponsor extensive project experience at BergCM’s sole expense. It is this eye on the future, this willingness to invest in staff without concern for immediate profitability which earns us very sharp, dedicated and experienced people for tomorrow’s projects. Berg & Associates is proud to be a woman-owned business and we consider it a privilege and honorable duty to creatively support the success and stability of all women in the transportation industry.”