APWA 2012 BEST Project of the Year Award: City of Pomona Energy Efficient Street Lighting Retrofit Project

APWA BEST Project of the Year Award

BergCM is pleased to announce that the American Public Works Association (APWA)awarded the City of Pomona’s Retrofit Lighting Project with the distinguished ‘Project of the Year Award for 2012’ at the annual awards celebration on December 12, 2012.  BergCM’s Project Manager Dominic Costello was instrumental in making this award winning project an achievement in green innovation and maximizing budget effectiveness.  BergCM was brought on board during the concept phase when just the City’s budget of $1.4 million existed along with a goal to improve the City’s street lighting.  Due to the recent departure of the City’s Lighting Engineer, a scope of work had not been formulated.  Mr. Costello set to work researching and creating the plans to retrofit over 4,000 existing street lights with energy efficient lights and performed 70% of inspection while serving as Project Manager.  The new lighting materials increased the current street light lifespan from 6 years to 25 while reducing the energy draw by over 50%.  Additionally, the City of Pomona received a $126,000 rebate from SCE which further increased the value of this project to the City.  The overall savings this project delivered to the City of Pomona totaled over $173,000 per year in energy costs.  The impressive results of this project is a true example of BergCM’s passion to deliver flexible, creative and beneficial CM services that meets the specific needs of our clients.