Lylian Fierman Walkway Improvement

Berg provided construction management oversight for the design and construction of this project located adjacent 6th Street in San Pedro where a blighted alleyway was transformed into a beautiful pedestrian pathway that safely guides patrons to the Warner Grand Theater from its parking lot behind the building. The walkway features Ackerstone pavers, iron sitting benches, bollards, large planters, landscaped vines, and overhead Tivoli string lights that provide safety and light the walkway for an esthetically pleasing atmosphere.

The entire project faced the potential of losing thousands of dollars in materials and redesign as the walkway pavers called for in the original design were required to pass a compression strength test equal to a road (so cars can drive over them without any damage), even though this walkway would only be used for pedestrian access. After failing the material compaction and impact tests, the project team worked together with the Ackerstone paver fabricators to adjust the design and demonstrate that these pavers over a specific base of high enough strength for pedestrian use. With this change, the Los Angeles Bureau of Engineering agreed to a one-time approval of the design and deemed our project a “test pilot” for future City of LA pavers.